Please Bear With Me As I Update The Website

I understand where you're at. I've been there.

What you do with your horse works for you. The techniques have been used for many years and are the accepted way of doing things.
The techniques I was taught were also the accepted way of doing things, many years ago.
Things like nerve lines, running W's, 4-way hobbles. These used to be common in horse training but as our society evolves these methods and others, misunderstood or misused have fallen by the wayside, for the most part.

I am not here to disparrage your ways or discuss specific techniques that are questionable. If it's working and keeping you safe that's a good first step. What I would like to do is ask you to keep an open mind as I do. Examine every thing you do with your horse. Ask yourself not if it is socially acceptable, but is it morally acceptable? Would what you are doing be appropriate if your horse was a dog or another human and above all, is your horse happy.

It is precisely because I have used these methods, and many more that I now consider unethical that I feel I am the one to teach better ways.
I will be continuing to write articles such as the following one which shall appear in my newsletters (link top right or bottom middle of page).
I will be instructing in ways to improve your horse physically, mentally and emotionally.
I hope that you will join me on this journey of Helping Your Horse to be Happier.


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